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The Libertarian Connection was a long-running libertarian movement publication founded in 1968.

Online Archives

Michael E. Marotta (2008)

From Michael Marotta, Libertarian Connection. General Forum. The Rebirth of Reason. Posted April 30, 2008. [Retrieved 2015-01-07.]

The Libertarian Connection was launched December 10, 1968. There were three founders; Sky d'Aureous and Lee Hall were two of them. (I believe that Ron Courtney was the third, but I have no documentation.) Skye added the "e" in the second issue and "Lee" became "Natalee." Years later, they became known by their real names Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw.
In a time when libertarians were striving for conventionality, Skye and Natalee offered an unusual magazine, modeled after science fiction "fanzines." The publication schedule was six weeks. Subscribers could send in two pages and buy additional pages for a dollar each. Subscriptions were $4.50 for each cycle. Publication was via mimeograph until about 1975 when it went photo-offset. While at MIT, Durk came upon the idea of a "meta-stable society." While others were arguing stable societies, but he saw that something more -- or, actually, something less -- was needed.